Video/DVD Course

THE NEWEST 4 HOUR B.D.I. VIDEO/DVD COURSE IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA! (You've never seen anything like it!)

TSC is extremely proud to offer our brand NEW, DHSMV approved 4-hour BDI video/DVD course.  We can promise you that the student word-of-mouth will surely be incredible with the debut of the video/DVD (the best traffic school video/DVD ever offered in Florida)! There is nothing on the market like it.  Not only is this approved course a powerful educational tool – it is, without a doubt, the FUNNIEST course on the market – guaranteed!  It's been 5 years since a new BDI Video/DVD course hit the market in Florida and… …WE ARE IT!

Our video/DVD marks the debut of not one, but six traffic safety professionals, including Morty Motormouth, Chef Francois Fenderbender, Statistician Stan Stanley, Leonardo DeVehicle, Dr. Eric von Drivenheimer and Henry Wadsworth Longfender… an awesome lineup of comedic characters who make sure those four hours will just fly by! 

So sign up with us now and you will be able to enjoy what is sure to be the most popular, effective and entertaining traffic safety video/DVD course available anywhere! Written,  produced, acted, and directed by a clever Hollywood screenwriter/comedian who has written several famous television scripts, you will be amazed at how much fun (and how informative) a traffic school video can be. Note: Popcorn and soda is not included (but is a great addition as you enjoy the course).

The total cost of our video/DVD course is only ! And we’ll even pay for shipping! Order Now for our video/DVD course and we’ll send you our terrific course that you can watch in the comfort of your own home.

4 Hour BDI DVD/Video